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Tina Hamilton Ministries is a Prophetic Healing Ministry that reaches out to the Lost, Hurting, and the Saints.

She has experienced her own miracles and deliverance and reaches out to others by means of singing and preaching the good news of the gospel!

Tina's testimony will encourage you to know that there is hope when it seems that all Hope is gone-Hope can and will rise again. All our Hope is in Jesus.

Ministry Statement

Tina Hamilton Ministries was planted in my heart in 1992 while I was a student in Teen Challenge. It was established in 2011.Tina Hamilton Ministries, Inc in 2012. The Vision of Tina Hamilton Ministries, is to edify the body of Christ by singing and the preaching of Gods word- the good news of the Gospel. This is a prophetic healing and deliverance ministry. We obey the word of God and go into all the world and preach the gospel. In summary, Tina Hamilton and the staff of Tina Hamilton Ministries have dedicated themselves to serve God in personal relationship and in service to others. Our mission is clear and our goal is to use the talents that God has given us as tools to reach the lost, hurting, needy and to equip the saints for the work of the ministry to affect a change in them that will last through all eternity.



At the heart of Tina Hamilton Ministries is a young woman whose purpose and vision has taken her far beyond her dreams into developing work which is changing lives of those who come into contact with it.
As a very young child Tina was born again in a little Methodist church but like so many others she wandered so far away. Because of this she suffered many tragic events in her life but through it all experienced true healing and deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit. Now she tell the world about her savior Jesus Christ and the Grace she has received.
Tina married her true love Leslie in 1994 and has 2 wonderful sons, Leslie and Jonah. The Hamilton family has had the honor and pleasure of ministering in churches and centers all over this great land. Now God has called them to take it even further! The Hamiltons make their home in Birmingham Alabama where they focus most of their time parenting their 2 sons and loving others.

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